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Our Social Awareness Partners

Ondjamba Safaris has been involved with two projects very close to our hearts for many years.   We believe in supporting specific projects with measurable outcomes rather than supporting multiple projects with little or low impact.


As responsible tour operators and avid nature lovers, we wanted to support conservation in Namibia. Alongside like-minded guides and operators, we helped co-found TOSCO, an organization aimed at tourism supporting conservation.  Dieter is one of the founding members of the trust and has been actively involved in the admin side since the beginning.

Our family is also very involved in the sport of gymnastics.  For this reason, we support the projects of the Dongina Risser Gymnastics Foundation whose aim is reflected in its motto – Building a Dream:  Brick by Brick, Child by Child.  The DRGF is the brainchild and dream of Dongina, Dieter’s wife, who founded the trust with her daughters, Dione and Dana, and three friends.

For more information on these two fantastic projects, and on how you can get involved, click on the links below.

TOSCO diapositive6.jpg


Tourism Supporting Conservation

TOSCO is the organisation for all responsible tourism companies, guides and travelers who support conservation in Namibia


Dongina Risser Gymnastics Foundation

Adopt-A-Gymnast Program

The DRGF believes that every child should have the chance to participate in gymnastics no matter their socio-economic background in Namibia. 


Dongina Risser Gymnastics Foundation

Container House Program

Help our DRGF children live, study and play in a safe environment – their own container bedroom!

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